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At a Glance

About True Products

True Products doo has hit the ground running as the 4th largest manufacturer of Christmas Tree Netting in Europe. Specialising in Xnet™ LZ monofilament Christmas Tree netting and BioXnet™ Oxo-Biodegradable LZ monofilament Christmas Tree netting, as well as large injection moulded products.

In 2016, True Products doo was formed in Serbia to manufacture Christmas Tree Netting and Plastic Pavers following the closure of a similar business in the area. The skilled workforce and managers were employed to run the manufacturing operation - working at maximum output from day one.

True Products® is a British brand registered as a Trademark in the UK since 2014 and is part of True Products Group Ltd. True Products® are distributed in the UK through our Wholesale sites True Products and Holly International, and directly from True Products doo in Serbia. True Products® are also sold through our sister retail company True Traders Ltd, its associated brands: Premier Netting™, Premier Barriers™, True Traders™ and Christmas Tree Netting™, and other resellers within the UK and Europe.

True Products Group Ltd currently has four Brands – True Products®, Xnet™, BioXnet™, TruePave™ and Holly International™, these are well known, popular brands in the industry.

True Products doo is always looking for new distributors to join those currently in Benelux, France, Poland, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Croatia and Germany. If you would like to become a distributor, please contact us for details.