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We are a British company with a manufacturing factory in Serbia producing high quality Netting and Injection Moulded Plastic products.

BioXnet™ Oxo-Biodegradable and Xnet™ high quality LZ monofilament Christmas Tree Netting. Woven raschel shade netting and mesh net fruit & vegetable bags.
Large injection moulded plastic products, TruePave™ Paving grids and Poly Fence Posts.

Below are some of the products we produce which are sold throughout Europe.
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Xnet LZ monofilament tree netting


High quality monofilament LZ range of Christmas Tree netting for all manual tree netters, funnels & machines.

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BioXnet Oxo-Biodegradable LZ monofilament tree netting


High quality Oxo-Biodegradable LZ range of Christmas Tree netting for all tree netters, funnels & machines.

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TruePave plastic paving eco grids


Interlocking plastic paver, tough, flexible, easy to install. The professional choice for a wide range of projects.

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True Products® Plastic Poly Fence Posts

Plastic Poly Fence Posts

Coloured plastic poly fence posts, ideal for many temporary fencing applications, especially where Metal fencing pins are not suitable.

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